Cathryn L. - Hensley, Arizona

I've admired these for a while and hesitated. For me, this is the most I've ever paid for a pair of shoes. Ordering without trying them on seemed crazy. I'm so glad I did it. I love these sandals. I sent a tracing of my feet and the fit is perfect. I was a bit worried about the arch support but they hug my feet and feel grand. The color is the p...

Geninne Z. - Ocoyoacac, Mexico

Hands down the most comfortable and beautiful shoes I've ever bought. They are perfect! Thank you so much :-) I'm super happy with my Auroras!   Geninne Z. Ocoyoacac, Mexico New Mexican, Burgundy Chinese, Burgundy West Indian, Brown

Saisai L. - Toronto, Canada

The leather is definitely the best of any shoes i own, and the soles the most comfortable! I will probably get the Middle English too this fall!   Saisai L. Toronto, Canada West Indian, Brown

Ville K. - Helsinki, Finland

The shoes look and feel amazing. I love their quality and utilitarian design. These have got to be the dopest pair of shoes I've ever owned. Thanks for the great work! Ville, K. - Helsinki, Finland Middle English, Olive

Lauren G. - Bridgewater, NJ

These shoes were meant to be on my feet. My feet never felt this good. The feeling was heavenly,like walking on clouds. Believe me when I say it, Your feet will love you dearly. Lauren G. - Bridgewater, NJ West Indian, Olive.

Anita K - Hurricane Mills, TN

"Unbelievable" is all I am able to say at this moment about my new Aurora Chinese Shoes, they are more beautiful than I could've ever imagined and the fit is perfect. I will definitely be purchasing more styles in the future, I am looking forward to many years of wear. Your craftsmanship is second to none. I'm smiling from ear to ear. Thank You ...

Janet B. - Corinth, MS

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my shoes!! They are more beautiful even than they appear online, and I thought they were beautiful when I found them online. I do believe they are the best shoe purchase I've ever made. And, also, I love the packaging!     Thank you for the great shoes, I'm sure I will be a returning customer!   -Janet ...

Eva O - Oslo, Norway

I've just received my sandals today and I have to say they are absolutely amazing. They fit nicely and are very comfortable. Thank you so much for these shoes, I know I will use them for many many years! -Eva Oslo, Norway New Mexican Brown

Sarah S - Calgary, AB Canada

Just got my shoes, I love them! Thanks so much. The fit is perfect. Now the weather in Calgary just needs to recognize that it’s April, not January, and warm up a bit… :-)   Sarah S.  

Steph K. - Havertown, PA

Good Morning, I grew up in Ithaca and my dad, Peter Levatich, was an architect in the area. But even more personally and closer to his heart, he was a wood worker. When I was about 8 or 9, my parents bought a plot of forest land and my dad began managing his forest for veneer quality timber. In the careful thinning of the less desirable trees, ...

Cathy - NJ

Hi folks,    I am wearing the Middle English flats right now and LOVE them. I hope to purchase another pair of your shoes soon. Did I mention I LOVE them? They are so well made and comfortable, I wish I could get a pair in every color and style!!   These shoes were comfortable from day one, hour one. I have had many unsolicited comments and ques...

Hannah - Tauranga, New Zealand

Hey there! I just received my beautiful shoes in the mail and they fit perfectly and I absolutely loooooove them!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!! Cheers   Hannah Tauranga, New Zealand (West Indian, Burgundy)

Lisa - Taylorsville, NC

Dear Dave and everyone at ASC, The fit was perfect, I love the shoes and for the first time EVER,taking my shoes off was not the first thing I wanted to do when I got home from work! Thanks! Lisa (Middle English, Brown)

Anne S. - Squam, NH

Hi Aurora Shoes!   I received the shoes  ( women's Middle English in olive) I ordered from you and wore them for the first time today. I love them! I put them on they fit perfectly and they were immediately so comfortable I almost forgot I was wearing shoes. (Usually new shoes have a breaking in period......sometimes complete with band aids....)...

Christine - Hanover, CT

Dave, If I weren't married, I'd propose to you. Got the shoes today--already worn them--completely love them. Thank you for the work you do. I think I'm going to be ordering more.   Thanks, Christine   (Brown, West Indian)

Karen - Melbourne, Australia

Just wanted you to know I received my shoes yesterday and I am so pleased with them. The quality is outstanding and the fit is excellent. I can't stop admiring them actually! Thanks heaps.   Kind Regards, Karen.   Melbourne, Australia.

Nicole B. - BC, Canada

Hello, I just wanted to let you know I got my beautiful new shoes and I couldn't be happier. I slipped them on and they were immediately like second skin. I'm a big nerdy punster, and I have been telling people "Normally new shoes gives me BLISters, but these just give me BLISS". I wore them for a 10km bike ride and several hours of walking the ...

Piper G.

I purchased these shoes my Sophmore year of high school in 1995! They were my favorite shoes. Today I discovered them hidden away in an old box in storage and to my amazement I found your company in the web producing the model all these years later. They still fit like a glove.

Mary Roach (California)

I've been wearing a pair of your China style shoes for about 25 years. (Photo attached.)  I wore a hole in the sole, had them resoled, and they're still going strong.  I have traveled literally to all seven continents wearing those shoes.   I wore them in Antarctica (indoors).  I wore them when I interviewed the president of Mozambique. I wore them in a sumo stable in Tokyo.  I wore them on a 25-mile walk called the Death March, in Belgium, when I forgot to pack my "walking shoes."

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