Aurora Shoe Co.

Linda O - Ventura, California

Linda O - Ventura, California

My sandals arrived, and they are wonderful. Exactly what I wanted but thought was never possible. I think I must have the world’s widest feet, combined with a high instep. These fit! I could not believe it, but they fit. And all of the rest is true — everything people say about your shoes is true.

About four years ago I actually spent a LOT of time and money getting several pairs of shoes custom made for me! Their factory is located an hour away in Burbank, California so they measured my feet carefully, helped me select leathers for the two pairs of boots, one pr of oxfords, and one pr of flats that I purchased. These are pricey shoes — you may know of them. Together, the four pairs cost over $1500. When I received them: One pair of boots actually had actual holes in the leather … first time I received them, as well as the second time. The third time I received the reworked pair, one of the straps for the buckles was nearly falling apart — I returned them, and they initially wanted to charge me a “restocking” fee. The other pair of boots didn’t close all the way across my instep — not the first time nor the second time when they supposedly remade them. Regardless, I kept them and after two wearings, two of the elastic closures came unstitched — I glued them back on. I sold the incredibly stiff and uncomfortable oxfords, but I thought that at least the flats had no problems. Wrong! I took the never-worn pair on a trip to Europe and only then realized that the back seam on one of the shoes was only partially stitched. Wearable but somewhat appalling for a pair of shoes costing more than $250.

I will never buy another pair of shoes from anyone other than Aurora Shoes. Why should I? The styles suit me, the fit is fabulous, the quality is miraculous, and the price is very, very reasonable! (see above!)


Thank you for carrying on the tradition. I am only sorry that I needed to wait until this point in my life to find you.


Ventura, CA

New Mexican, Black