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Sarah Q. - Portland, OR

Sarah Q. - Portland, OR


...a simple, incredibly sincere thank you...

I received my second pair of Aurora Shoes yesterday and my heart could not be happier.  I've been following your company for years, swooning over the beauty of your craft and the quality that is transparent in your work.  I purchased my first pair of Aurora Shoe Co shoes just after my daughter's birth three years ago.  The funny part of the story:  I wouldn't allow myself to purchase a new pair, so I scoured the internet until I found a seller on Etsy selling a used pair of New Mexican size 5.5  With a very small foot, and an even smaller budget, I never thought I'd fall in love with the shoes...but I did.

I've worn them to the ground (literally), and only now, three years later, do I realize that the pair of used sandals I purchased were probably years old before they found my hands.

I ordered the Chinese style directly from you and prepared myself to wait weeks for their arrival...being pleasantly surprised by how quickly they were on my doorstep.  And goodness, I am blown away by them!  Truly.  Already being a fan, I was amazed by how wonderful these "new" shoes felt compared to my "old" ones...even more comfortable than the New Mexican style I've worn relentlessly. 

There is something infinitely magical about looking down at my feet meeting the earth and knowing the care and intention that were set into the construction of these shoes.  Thank you.  I've now got Middle English and North Pacific on my wish list--I'll be purchasing again very soon!

Sending the very best wishes and much appreciation to the entire team at Aurora Shoe Company.




Portland, Oregon

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