Aurora Shoe Co.

Kristin R. - Bradenton, FL

Kristin R. - Bradenton, FL

Hello Beloved Artists,

I tried on my brown New Mexicans as soon as they arrived, and I burst into tears of joy!

You see, I grew up in Ithaca, and although you weren’t making shoes when I lived there, I found a pair of olive Middle English in the early ‘90s in a little store in Colchester, Vermont. I loved that they were crafted near where I grew up. I wore them and loved them for a few years…they were my all-time favorite shoes. Somehow we were parted, I was heartbroken and thus began my search for the perfect shoe.

I became a shoe addict because of my unfulfilled quest. I bought pair after pair, trying to match the affinity I had for my lost Middle English shoes. I now have 78 pairs of shoes (some VERY expensive); not one pair has measured up to my beloved Aurora Shoes. Frustrated from the unrequited search, a few weeks ago I Googled “handmade shoes” and with great joy and relief, discovered that your company is still in business! I promptly ordered the New Mexicans.

Now I feel like donating my shoe collection to charity and buying a few styles and colors of Aurora Shoes. I no longer feel incomplete in the shoe realm, and I am already planning the order in which I will build my new collection.

I am finally reunited with the shoes of my dreams! Literally!



Bradenton, FL

New Mexican, Brown