Kristin R. - Bradenton, FL

Hello Beloved Artists, I tried on my brown New Mexicans as soon as they arrived, and I burst into tears of joy! You see, I grew up in Ithaca, and although you weren’t making shoes when I lived there, I found a pair of olive Middle English in the early ‘90s in a little store in Colchester, Vermont. I loved that they were crafted near where I gr...

Linda O - Ventura, California

My sandals arrived, and they are wonderful. Exactly what I wanted but thought was never possible. I think I must have the world’s widest feet, combined with a high instep. These fit! I could not believe it, but they fit. And all of the rest is true — everything people say about your shoes is true. About four years ago I actually spent a LOT of ...

Sarah Q. - Portland, OR

Hello, ...a simple, incredibly sincere thank you... I received my second pair of Aurora Shoes yesterday and my heart could not be happier.  I've been following your company for years, swooning over the beauty of your craft and the quality that is transparent in your work.  I purchased my first pair of Aurora Shoe Co shoes just after my daughte...

Bruce R. - Cornwall, United Kingdom

I am absolutely delighted. Top quality. They are going to last for years. At first, I thought they were going to be too small. But no. I followed the relaxation instruction that come with them. After wearing them for an hour, they adjusted to the shape of my foot. Now they are like wearing a glove and the most comfortable shoes I have ever wor...

Belinda P. - Jamesville, NY

I drove from Jamesville NY to the Aurora Shoe Company store today.   The shoes are beyond comfortable! I could tell from the first step they would be my favorites. Here they are, worn out of the shop at Dories in Aurora.  Your company has a superb product, made here in America. It was a delight to support the craftsmanship, design and business ...

Dawn G. - Portland, OR

I received my beautiful shoes a little over 2 hours ago and I haven't taken them off yet! They are perfect! I can hardly believe they could get even more comfortable after I break them in. My daughters are already coveting my new shoes. My 17 year old has decided that she'll want a pair for a high school graduation present next year, and my 11 ...

Tania D. - Wiltshire, UK

Dear Aurora  My shoes have arrived and they are beautiful and unbelievably comfortable. They are without doubt the best fitting shoes I have ever owned. I am over the moon. Thank you.  Best wishes Tania West Indian, Brown

Anita W. - Hurricane Mills, TN

Thank You Again, just received my 3rd pair this year (North Pacific Boots)and they are definitely my most favorite of all, love the thicker sole feels like I'm walking on a cloud. The best boots ever and the craftsmanship is impeccable. I'm so pleased each time I receive your shoes. Thank You Again, Love, Love, Love your amazing shoes. Looking f...

Monique H. - Ferndale, MI

Happy Holidays, Thank you for the quick turnaround on my new boots. They were just as promised and getting lots of compliments.  And I'm serious- wore the shoes into the coffee shop today and one woman stopped me, and I shared a quiet 'love those shoes' wink-smile-thumbs up with another. I look forward to many comfortable years of wear.   W...

Katie P. - Seattle, WA

I absolutely LOVE my new shoes! I have worn them just about every day and could not be more pleased with the fit, quality and look.  People are constantly asking me where they can get a pair and I point them directly to your website.

Lauren V. - Roanoke, VA

My dad bought a pair of the Chinese (brown) for me in the late 90s at La De Da on the downtown market in Roanoke, Va. The same pair is still my go-to shoe. I've received some pretty impressive compliments over the years (lots of "Those are the coolest shoes I've ever seen"). I then gush about the unparalleled quality and point them in your compa...

Anita K - Hurricane Mills, TN

I want to Thank each and everyone of you for the amazing craftsmanship of my new Middle English Black shoes I received over the weekend, they are just beautiful.  You have made this country girl from Hurricane Mills Tn. very happy again.  These are my second pair this year and I am in love with them.  I am looking forward to the boots this fall....

Rosa V. - Dripping Springs, TX

I got my shoes today! I adore them!  In a few months I hope to order another pair. Because if one pair makes me happy...two will make me delirious!   Thanks! Rosa New Mexican, Burgundy “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” Bob Marley    

Emilie M. - Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

The shoes arrived this morning and they are simply beautiful. Everything that I expected and much more!   Thank you for all of your help and the brilliant customer service.   With warm wishes,   Emilie Hampshire, United Kingdom Chinese, Brown

Faith B. - Eagle River, Alaska

These shoes are amazing! Wonderful quality, soft but sturdy, high quality leather and they feel incredible. It's hard to believe you can find this kind of quality at this price. After wearing them for just a few days, I knew they were going to be my new "go to" shoes, so I ordered West Indian ones in brown to wear with skirts. So far the only pr...

Nikki O. - Chicago, IL

These shoes are incredible. Yes, they take about a week's worth of wear to break in. Yes, they are expensive. But YES, they are handmade and will quickly become your favorite pair of shoes. I am never ordering another pair of flats for the rest of my life. The leather on the upper has formed to my foot almost perfectly. I love that I can adjust ...

Cathryn L. - Hensley, Arizona

I've admired these for a while and hesitated. For me, this is the most I've ever paid for a pair of shoes. Ordering without trying them on seemed crazy. I'm so glad I did it. I love these sandals. I sent a tracing of my feet and the fit is perfect. I was a bit worried about the arch support but they hug my feet and feel grand. The color is the p...

Geninne Z. - Ocoyoacac, Mexico

Hands down the most comfortable and beautiful shoes I've ever bought. They are perfect! Thank you so much :-) I'm super happy with my Auroras!   Geninne Z. Ocoyoacac, Mexico New Mexican, Burgundy Chinese, Burgundy West Indian, Brown

Saisai L. - Toronto, Canada

The leather is definitely the best of any shoes i own, and the soles the most comfortable! I will probably get the Middle English too this fall!   Saisai L. Toronto, Canada West Indian, Brown

Ville K. - Helsinki, Finland

The shoes look and feel amazing. I love their quality and utilitarian design. These have got to be the dopest pair of shoes I've ever owned. Thanks for the great work! Ville, K. - Helsinki, Finland Middle English, Olive

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Photography by Erin Little , Ginny Sheller , Katherine Huysman .

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