Aurora Shoe Co.

Amanda A. - Quakertown, PA

Amanda A. - Quakertown, PA

Hello! You should see the look of utter satisfaction on my face right now! My long (at least it felt like it to me because I was so excited) anticipated shoes came to my porch just now and I was here to meet them. I thought about filming myself opening the box but that seemed silly so I just savored it myself. It reminded me of what it might seem like to open a bottle of vintage wine. I carefully opened the Priority box to reveal a very sweet brown shoe box from Aurora with a message on the flap as I opened it about how the shoes were carefully made by hand. I slowly opened it and found the shoes wrapped in a nice tote, from which I carefully pulled them out. I was surprised to see I had been given a size C, as I expected I'd be D and was instantly skeptical and felt my heart begin to sink. However, I turned the shoes over and over in my hands, admiring their craftsmanship and soaking in the aroma of fresh high-quality leather. I then proceeded to put them on my feet and my heart soared again! I walked around the house feeling the air flow through the breathable leather and the Vibram soles squishing ever so slightly and bending beautifully with every step. My feet feel comfortable and at home. Thank you!!


PS: attached are some pictures



After only two weeks my shoes fit so comfortably! Thank you!