Shoe Spotting in Japan

Dave has been on exchange in Japan since the end of March.  He hasn't had many opportunities to email, but has found the time to share some photos of his journey. 
As you may know, Aurora Shoes have become very popular in Japan.  We all wondered if he'd spot many while there.  If these photos are any indication, they're not very hard to find.  
It's customary to remove one's shoes before entering a...

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

Dave's sister-in-law, Melissa shared these photos of herself wearing her Auroras while working on project at MacKenzie-Childs, a local business specializing in hand painted ceramics and home decor.  If you have never heard of MacKenzie-Childs, or have never seen it with your own eyes, then make the trip to Aurora and check it out.
As Melissa shares, these benches are being painted for a community...

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

Cupertino, California
We received this photo from Linda in Palo Alto, California and couldn't wait to share it. She writes, "Since I got my new shoes I've worn them daily! I've decided to buy only one more pair in black and they will be officially the only shoes I wear".
This picture of Linda's feet was taken while hiking at the Stevens Creek Reservoir in Cupertino, California.Don't you just...

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

Christmas at Yosemite

We love our Aurora Shoes and they go with us everywhere. This winter we were in Yosemite and took this picture on Christmas Day, 2009 at Inspiration Point. We can't imagine Christmas without our favorite things and that includes Aurora Shoes, Yosemite and camping in our 1968 Airstream Caravel. Elena does't wear any other shoes. She might try on other brands, but trades them...

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

Island Woman
Elania McCartney shared these great photos from her trip to Culebra, an island off the coast of Puerto Rico.

See that cute little foot propped on the wheel well?

Open Some Days Closed Others. Now that's a relaxed lifestyle!

Thanks for sharing, Elania. You've got us wanting to hop a plane and escape this NY winter for a while!

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

Ahrus, Denmark Via Japan

Makiko Sugita of Japan, shared her beautiful photos from a trip to Denmark for Sankt Hans Aften, a Danish celebration that coincides with the summer solstice in late June.  Celebrated since the time of the Vikings, this holiday traditionally includes bonfires on the beaches, good food and lots of merriment.

Makiko shares that she took off her shoes and then watched the...

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

To the Beach in October

A proud Grandpa kicks back to enjoy the view on a sunny fall day at Lake Ontario. 

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken You?

 On a Wobbly Walk Around the Kitchen
When Dave's sister caught her then 18 month old son in her Middle English Aurora Shoes she just had to snap a picture.  He thought it was funny to try on all of Mama's shoes, but somehow these and a pair of shiny pink slippers became his favorites. 

Our shoes might travel around the world, but for this little guy, a trip around the kitchen was quite the...

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken You?

On a Donkey in Peru
I was a Physical Education teacher in Peru, NY.  We had an annual teachers vs students donkey basketball game.  I wear my Aurora Shoes everywhere else, so wearing them for game was a no-brainer.  Let Michael Jordan have his Nikes, I've got my Aurora Shoes!
- Andrea Binns

King Ferry, NY

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken You?

Thailand, 1999

"I toured Thailand for a month in January of 1999. I brought two pairs of Aurora Shoes and wore them everywhere. This picture was taken at the ruins of an ancient village. The monkeys had moved in and were the only living residents. Seconds after this shot was taken another monkey jumped out of the tree above me and landed right on my head."

- Alyssa Gunderson
Fair Haven, NY
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Photography by Erin Little , Ginny Sheller , Katherine Huysman .

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