It's all About Comfort

(photo by Erin) 

After being on my feet all day, I couldn't wait to get home and kick my shoes off.  Now I don't have to worry about that  - I don't even realize I have them on.  
- A local patron describing the Aurora Shoe difference


We're several weeks beyond what I would consider to have been the peak of fall color here in the Finger Lakes region.  A trip to the woods this weekend made it clear that there is still plenty of color to be found.  As always, the photos hardly capture the reality, but they're the only way I know how to share this natural beauty.

There were no apple trees in sight, but this sweet little poem came...

A Walk in the Woods

Welcome to my favorite fall hiking spot.  We come here every year to pick up pretty leaves for wax pressing.  This year we left the leaves, but came for acorns instead (did you know that you can eat them?)  These acorns aren't for eating, but for planting. It seems like a simple enough process, so we're going to give it a shot. Maybe in about 75 years there will be some big and shady oaks to show...

Oktoberfest 2011

For as many years as I can remember, we've been invited to celebrate the German heritage of our family friend at his annual Oktoberfest.  I think that in the 30 or so years that he's been hosting this party, I've probably only missed it twice (and one of those times we were at the mother of all Oktoberfests in Munich). 

At Hans' party, much like in Germany, it's all about the traditional food, the...

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

No, we still don't produce shoes for kids (believe me, I'm pushing for them too).  But my little guy is managing to get around just fine without Aurora Shoes and I am loving watching his progress.  Here are a few from our "learning to walk" series for you baby lovers out there. 

All of that walking left us both needing a rest, so he played happily with sunglasses and I took a picture of my feet...

Showing Shoes in New Hampshire

After a long trip including one break down on the Mass Pike, David and family have safely returned home from their first trade show in New Hampshire.  Actually, only Dave went to New Hampshire.  Andrea and the girls, along with my mom, spent the long weekend at my sister's in Rhode Island. While the girls were taking walks to the beach and making yummy food, David was setting up and running this...

Blogspotted at Bluebirdbaby

You'd think that being an "Official Shoe Promoter" (seriously, that's my title) and all, I would expect to see evidence of my work out there in the world.  I'm all about helping our shoes to get exposure, but somehow I'm still surprised every time I stumble upon a pair somewhere outside of our local community.   Yesterday I was catching up on a blog that I keep in my feed and I saw this:

and then I...

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken You?


We are thrilled to share photos from Dave's nephew's first days with his proud parents.  Eric and Melissa traveled to China in late February to bring Logan home.  They shared these photos from the Bird's Nest at Olympic Park in Beijing and from the Great Wall.  

We love the Aurora Shoe photos and are so glad to see this budding family adjusting so well to their new life together!

Where have...

Around the World in Aurora Shoes

We started our trip in our beloved Aurora Shoes this November in
Ontario where we packed all of our belongings into our CRV and drove out to BC Via Colorado and Montana.

 We then Promptly sold our car and stored our goods and flew to Beijing, where we trekked the Great Wall in our favourite footwear.

We traveled the crowded trains and busses through China and into Laos where we trekked for two days...

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken You?

Atlanta, GA
Here's a photo of my Aurora Shoes on the day after Christmas while visiting family in Atlanta.  We got a couple inches of snow on Christmas evening, making it the first white Christmas that Atlanta has seen since the late 1800s.  
Christmas night found us outside building a massive snowman with the cousins. We couldn't find a carrot or coal, but we did what we could with a bottle top,...

Santa Wears Aurora Shoes Too!

Look closely and you'll see that Santa is not actually wearing boots, but is in fact wearing a pair of black Middle English Auroras instead. 
As it turns out, Aurora's Santa-in-Residence is not a toy maker, but a shoe maker (don't tell the kiddos!). 

Aurora Shoes in Greece

Emory Buck was enjoying the Acropolis in his Auroras yesterday.  Just look at that sunshine!

Where are your Aurora Shoes taking YOU?

Aurora Shoes in England


London Bridge with London fog and London rain - Drenched from head but not
to toe ('cause those were toasty and warm in my Auroras!!!)
- Jessie D.

Where have your Aurora Shoes taken you?

Blog Spotted @ Dinosaur Dry Goods

Jackie, owner of the local Dinosaur Dry Goods (a great place to buy new and gently used clothing and more) posted about her summer antiquing adventures with Aurora Shoes. We love seeing our shoes on feet here, there and everywhere.  Thanks, Jackie, for sharing the ASC love!

You can find Dinosaur Dry Goods on Etsy here
visit her blog here.

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

Venice, Italy

Kathy Kramer recently sent us a couple of photos from her trip to Venice last November.  We love her comments and had to share them as written (we agree that face photos are totally overrated).  She writes: 

It is so funny that you are featuring photos on your site, and that I have a suitable photograph for that; I was not at the time intending especially to take a picture of my shoes...

Aurora Shoes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong 
The Aurora Shoe:
On a dark, dark Hong Kong night, 
in the middle of a Black Rain, 
the 14 year old 'little black shoe' held up!

-Victoria de Leon 

Where have your Aurora Shoes taken YOU?

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken You?

Costal Maine and Rhode Island
It was a great week-long vacation full of fresh seafood 
days spent at the beach 
and lots of fun with family and friends.  
So much fun that I didn't think to photograph my shoes until part way through the long ride home.  
Go figure...

Where have your Aurora Shoes taken YOU?

This little cutie is Dave's almost-one-year-old daughter, Reagan standing with a little support from her Aurora Shoe clad mama on a family trip to Chicago last week.  She took her first few steps yesterday and is going to be running around before they know it! 

Dave and his famiy were in Chicago to check out our leather supplier, the Horween Leather Company. Check back later in the week to...

Aurora Shoes in Washington, DC

We loved this great shot of Aurora Shoes in our nation's capitol.  Pete, the shoe's owner and a local transplant living in DC writes, "I've outfitted several of my friends from college with Aurora Shoes, and they've taken them all around the world, as have mine".  

Thanks for sharing, Pete!

Where have YOUR Aurora Shoes taken YOU?

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

San Francisco, CA

Sara, a Wells alum and long time Aurora Shoe wearer writes:

"Here's a recent picture of my Aurora Shoes in San Francisco- that's the Bay Bridge.  These shoes have been to Spain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Bahamas, St. Maarten, St. John and probably a couple of other places I've forgotten.

I bought my Aurora shoes in 1994 before heading to Spain...
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