Around the World in Aurora Shoes

We started our trip in our beloved Aurora Shoes this November in
Ontario where we packed all of our belongings into our CRV and drove out to BC Via Colorado and Montana.

 We then Promptly sold our car and stored our goods and flew to Beijing, where we trekked the Great Wall in our favourite footwear.

We traveled the crowded trains and busses through China and into Laos where we trekked for two days...

Looking for a Good Fit

Over the past 20 years our shoes have been featured in various retail shops around the country.  About a year ago we decided it was time to step things up a notch.  We created a website, started this blog and built a fairly large Facebook following. We've worked to make our presence known online, and now it's time to hit the pavement and get ourselves into some new retail spaces. Instead of...

It's a Girl!

We are so happy to announce the birth of our newest addition, Amelia Scout.  She's healthy and beautiful.  We feel incredibly blessed.

To celebrate (and adjust to) Amelia's birth, we're closing the shop for a couple of weeks. We'll resume normal hours starting Monday, March 7th. Online orders will still be processed within this time and we'll even add free shipping to orders placed before March...

Meet Local Fabric Designer, Felicity Miller

We passionately support small business and handmade and local goods.  As a visitor of our blog, we thought that you might feel the same way.  In our Meet the Neighbors series we're featuring businesses and people who reflect our own values and whom we feel lucky to call neighbors and friends.

We've had the pleasure of knowing Felicity Milleron a casual basis for many years. She's got a sweet...

Blog Spotted in Portugal!

We had to use Google Translate on this one.  Check us out at A Violeta Danca, translated here.

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken You?

Atlanta, GA
Here's a photo of my Aurora Shoes on the day after Christmas while visiting family in Atlanta.  We got a couple inches of snow on Christmas evening, making it the first white Christmas that Atlanta has seen since the late 1800s.  
Christmas night found us outside building a massive snowman with the cousins. We couldn't find a carrot or coal, but we did what we could with a bottle top,...

Merry Christmas!

 The Aurora Shoe Company wishes you a very merry Christmas!

We'll be away from the shop from Friday, December 24th through Monday, January 3rd.  We'll resume normal business hours on Tuesday, January 4th.  As always, phone calls and emails for appointments are welcome at any time.  

Happy holidays and warm regards from me and ours to you and yours!

Santa Wears Aurora Shoes Too!

Look closely and you'll see that Santa is not actually wearing boots, but is in fact wearing a pair of black Middle English Auroras instead. 
As it turns out, Aurora's Santa-in-Residence is not a toy maker, but a shoe maker (don't tell the kiddos!). 

The Value of Handmade

What is the value of handmade?  It's a question that many of us ask ourselves as we price our handmade goods or search for the perfect handmade gift.  Monetary value can be broken down easily enough.  Add the cost of materials, a decent hourly rate and you've got a number.  Prices allow us to buy and sell, but do they really reflect the value of our goods?  

When we buy handmade we're demonstrating...

Meet the Neighbors - Bet the Farm

We passionately support small business and handmade and local goods.  As a follower of our blog, we thought that you might feel the same way.  In our Meet the Neighbors series we're featuring businesses and people who reflect our own values and whom we feel lucky to call neighbors and friends.

 Bet the Farmis one of those small shops that is the first (and often the last) place we look when it's...

Aurora Shoe Gift Certificates

It's that time of year again.  For those who are looking for a unique handmade gift, but don't want to get the sizing wrong, we're offering handmade Aurora Shoe gift certificates.  

Cut from our sole leather, the certificates are hand printed and look great popping out of an envelope or hanging on a tree.  Contact usto order and receive your gift certificate before Christmas. And if you mention...


This is what weekends were looking like in September and October - lots of cider pressing, with apples and sunshine everywhere.  The apples are now gone, but we're looking forward to a beautiful and sunny November weekend in the Aurora area.   We hope you're in for some good weather too!

Our very local farmers market wrapped up its second season
 Dave revealed his hidden talents (watch out, Hil...

Bpeace Comes to Aurora

Bpeace is a non-profit network of business professionals who volunteer their skills to entrepreneurs in conflict affected countries.  Their mission is to help create significant employment for all and to expand the economic power of women. You can view a short video produced by Bpeace here.

On Friday we were excited to host a young Bpeace entrepreneur named Shahla Akbari from Afghanistan. Shahla...

Aurora Shoes in Greece

Emory Buck was enjoying the Acropolis in his Auroras yesterday.  Just look at that sunshine!

Where are your Aurora Shoes taking YOU?

Aurora Shoes in England


London Bridge with London fog and London rain - Drenched from head but not
to toe ('cause those were toasty and warm in my Auroras!!!)
- Jessie D.

Where have your Aurora Shoes taken you?

Blog Spotted @ Dinosaur Dry Goods

Jackie, owner of the local Dinosaur Dry Goods (a great place to buy new and gently used clothing and more) posted about her summer antiquing adventures with Aurora Shoes. We love seeing our shoes on feet here, there and everywhere.  Thanks, Jackie, for sharing the ASC love!

You can find Dinosaur Dry Goods on Etsy here
visit her blog here.

Blog Spotted in Japan

We knew our shoes were popular in Japan, but Dave was still a little surprised when he stumbled upon  this blog post by Japanese designer, Yusuke Hanai.  Intrigued, Dave contacted Yusuke and traded him a pair of shoes for a few sketches.  Here's what Yusuke sent.  Fun, right?

When we contacted Yusuki to get permission for this post, he graciously allowed us to also share these photos from his...

Our Production Process


Did you know that there are more than 50 steps in our shoe production process?  Shoe making is an art and we're proud to be a part of it.  Watch how we do it here.

Blog Spotted at Poppytalk

1. Millie Dress, Tangente
2. Tank Top, Tangente
3. Madame Stack Rings, Kristy Lin
4. New Mexican Sandals, Aurora Shoe Co.

Thanks to Sally, we've been spotted again.  Check us out at Poppytalk!

Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

Venice, Italy

Kathy Kramer recently sent us a couple of photos from her trip to Venice last November.  We love her comments and had to share them as written (we agree that face photos are totally overrated).  She writes: 

It is so funny that you are featuring photos on your site, and that I have a suitable photograph for that; I was not at the time intending especially to take a picture of my shoes...
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