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Sustainable Heat

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Up here in the Northeast, we have been slogging through an especially cold and snowy winter.  Most (if not all) of January was spent trying to keep our driveways clear and our homes warm (enough) in sub-freezing temperatures.  Many of us heat with wood so the staying warm part is a lot more involved than turning up the thermostat and paying the fuel bill.  

A couple of years ago, Dave bought a high efficiency outdoor wood boiler for the shop and work has been a little warmer (and way more sustainable) ever since.  Out here in the country, where trees are plentiful, we're able to score loads of firewood that would otherwise be left to rot on the forest floor.  Fallen storm damage and the tops and branches left behind by local forest management companies burn just as well as any other wood.  We've been fortunate enough to burn this kind of "surplus" wood for the past two heating seasons and we look forward to more of the same in the future.  

We hope you've all had a warm and cozy winter.  At this point we're more than half way through the cold season.  Cheers to that!