On Location at Ledyard Farms

Today was the perfect day to get out into the snow and take a few photos.  Carrie and I met up at Ledyard Farms where we were able to meet Ledyard's Tiger Lily, a 4-year-old Morgan show horse. The farm is one of our favorite spots for picking up local eggs, lamb and beef.  It also happens to be really pretty in the snow...

Morgan Show Horse Ledyard Farms

Morgan Show Horse Ledyard's Tiger Lily

Where have your Auroras taken YOU?   Share your everyday adventureswith us!...

North Pacific (our boots are finally here!)

They've been a long time coming, but we're really excited to be sharing our first new shoe design in more than 20 years!  We stuck with the same roomy toe box and added a beefier Vibram sole so these boots can work and play as hard as you do.  Each pair comes with a set of both cotton and leather laces so you can customize your look. 

We make each pair to order, so please allow for plenty of time...

Flax + Leather =

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can get away with doing something super fun and legitimately calling it work.  These photos document a day I like to think of as "Playing Dress-up with Friends".  Ever since our magazine feature, I've been wanting to put together some photos to highlight one of my favorite local shops, a Flax, linen, etc. consignment shop called Dinosaur Dry Goods. My friend, Bird,...

Meet the Neighbors: The Cellar d'Or

At the Aurora Shoe Company, we passionately support small business and handmade and local goods. As a visitor of our blog, we thought that you might feel the same way. In our Meet the Neighbors series we're featuring businesses and people who reflect our own values and whom we feel lucky to call neighbors and friends.

It's always fun to photograph unique spaces, and even more fun when they're...

Featured in Central New York Magazine

Back in July we did some scrambling to get ready for a day-long interview and photo shoot with a local magazine. The issue made it to stands this month and we're loving the way that journalist, Allison Sklaney, and photographer, Ellen Blalock took our raw material and turned it into a really nice story about who we are and what we do. Locals might like to pick up a copy of Central New York...

New Mexican Sandals

When the weather is hot and you're on your feet a lot, there's nothing better than a simple and practical pair of sandals to get you through the day.  Our handmade leather sandals form to your feet and provide a high quality flexible sole for the comfort and support your feet are begging for. 

leather sandals made in USA

aurora shoe co. made in usa

handmade leather shoes

Middle English

A few weeks ago, a request came in on our Facebook page for a few photos of our Middle English style on a woman.  It was exactly the reminder we needed to get back into taking regular photos of our shoes outside of the shop and on people's feet!  Here are a few from this snowy April Saturday in Aurora.

Aurora Shoe Co. leather loafers

Aurora Shoe Co. made in USA

Sustainable Heat

alternative energy, burning wood, sustainable aurora shoe co.

Up here in the Northeast, we have been slogging through an especially cold and snowy winter.  Most (if not all) of January was spent trying to keep our driveways clear and our homes warm (enough) in sub-freezing temperatures.  Many of us heat with wood so the staying warm part is a lot more involved than turning up the thermostat and paying the fuel bill.  

A couple of years ago, Dave bought a high...

Introducing Caleb

Caleb grew up on a local farm and says that when he came in a couple of years ago to pick up a re-soled pair of shoes, he mentioned that he'd be interested in working here.  Given Maggie's retirement and an uptick in production, Dave gave him a call over the summer and asked if the interest was still there.  Thankfully, it was.  Caleb finished up the harvest season at our favorite local CSA, and...

Last Minute Christmas Gifting

image via

Holiday shopping can be so hard.  You want to get something useful, something memorable, or just something that your recipient does not already own.  So you think long and hard, you make plans, you finally make or purchase something and then, just 12 short months later, you're right back where you started.  At least that's how it all goes 'round in my brain...

If you've ever thought about...

Meet Janet

It seems that each of us on staff are here primarily because we enjoy working with our hands. More specifically, we like the sense of accomplishment that comes from turning simple raw materials into objects of value. We all make shoes during the day, but many of us also have side projects and hobbies that continue to keep our hands busy after hours. Janet, who we have been getting to know for the...

Shoe Care and Repair

We get a lot of questions about how to best care for our shoes.  We do send a Care and Repair Guide with each pair we ship out, but we know that if you're like us, that piece of paper was recycled/lost/misplaced long ago.  For your easy reference, here's a link to our Care and Repair Guide.
And while we're at it, we should let you know that we've stopped recommending coconut oil as a leather...

Shoe LOVE in 3 Cities

Talk about travelling shoes - Maki Aruga, who is from Japan and lives in NYC, sent us these photos from a series she did on Robert Indiana's LOVE monument.  Thank you, Maki! 

I went to Japan to see my family in mid Oct. This time I also visited Taipei in Taiwan with my friend. The three-city photos that I want to show you are Robert Indiana's LOVE Monument with my lovely Aurora Shoes in Tokyo and...


We've had a lot of questions about our boots and when they'll be available. We had originally planned (hoped) for a fall 2013 release, but to be honest, we're not quite ready yet. It's taken a lot of time and figuring to prototype, test, and manufacture a shoe that has the look, and more importantly, the comfort that we're going for. We feel that we owe you, our loyal customers, a pair of boots...

ASC in Ecuador and a Shoe Shine Warning (With a Happy Ending)


I took the shoes I ordered a couple months ago (West Indian in Navy) with me on a month long backpacking trip to Ecuador. They did wonderfully: supporting me through hours of sightseeing. Despite my rheumatoid arthritis, I never had much joint trouble when I was wearing my Auroras: I'm now a customer for life! I took a photo of the shoes in Quito with your fun blog feature in mind: they're on...

American Made Award

We are thrilled to be in the running for a Martha Stewart American Made Award.  Voting started yesterday and is ongoing through September 13th.  Each person who registers is given 6 votes per day.  We'd appreciate your support.   View our American Made profile, and please feel free to share!

Aurora Shoes in Lesotho

Leslie recently shared this photo from her daughter, Carrie's time spent in Lesotho, while serving in the Peace Corps.  Carrie (and her Aurora Shoes) spent three years in Qucha's Nek, Losotho.  She took this photo in the town of Roma. 
comfortable travel shoes, handmade leather shoes, made in USA
Tabo, with Carrie's shoes in Roma, Lesotho

Thank you Leslie, and Carrie!

Where have your Auroras taken YOU?

Happy Birthday, Dave!

For those who don't have the pleasure of knowing my brother, here are a few things you might like to learn about the Birthday Boy, leader of this company...

1. He bought his first pair of Aurora Shoes when he was 13 and wore them everywhere. In the lake, bailing hay, to church, for weddings, EVERYWHERE. I think his toes actually busted out of the tips before he'd admit that his feet had grown...

On the Road

This is just a little note to say that our shop will be closed to visitors this week while Dave travels to an equipment auction in Ohio.   We'll be back on track for local customers on Tuesday, June 25th.  Online orders will continue to process as usual, though you might want to give us a little extra time for email responses, etc.  

Where are your shoes taking YOU this week?

Aurora Shoe Adventures: South Africa

We love sharing stories and photos from our happy customers.  Here are the message and photos we received last week:

Dear Aurora Shoe Company,

My daughter spent the Spring semester of her Junior year in college studying in Durban, South Africa. She wore her Chinese Aurora shoes just about everyday. I joined her in Cape Town where I broke in my new pair of West Indian Aurora shoes. We love our...
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Photography by Erin Little , Ginny Sheller , Katherine Huysman .

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