Wedding Shoes

I have been holding on to this little gem of a postcard for at least a couple of years now, waiting for a good time to share it.  Today being the first day of June (wedding season?) I pulled it out and popped it into the scanner.  

I found the postcard at a local shop that carries local art and antiques.  The photographer, Jacci, was happy to give me a copy. She took the photo in the mid 1990s....

Plain T-shirt Love

This post is for all of you men out there.  Simple staples are always stylish.  Let Jace, of Plain T-shirt (who happens to wear our shoes) show you the way... 

Handsome American Leather

If leather is a byproduct of the meat packing industry, then what would you call these beautiful pieces?

We call them fantastic! 

Made from the same  HorweenChromexcel that we use for our shoe leather, the baseball and wallet above are fittingly handmade and stitched with care by Paul Cunningham in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Paul has purchased leather scraps for use in some of his projects. You can...

Blogspotted at Bluebirdbaby

You'd think that being an "Official Shoe Promoter" (seriously, that's my title) and all, I would expect to see evidence of my work out there in the world.  I'm all about helping our shoes to get exposure, but somehow I'm still surprised every time I stumble upon a pair somewhere outside of our local community.   Yesterday I was catching up on a blog that I keep in my feed and I saw this:

and then I...

Blog Spotted in Portugal!

We had to use Google Translate on this one.  Check us out at A Violeta Danca, translated here.

Blog Spotted @ Dinosaur Dry Goods

Jackie, owner of the local Dinosaur Dry Goods (a great place to buy new and gently used clothing and more) posted about her summer antiquing adventures with Aurora Shoes. We love seeing our shoes on feet here, there and everywhere.  Thanks, Jackie, for sharing the ASC love!

You can find Dinosaur Dry Goods on Etsy here
visit her blog here.

Blog Spotted in Japan

We knew our shoes were popular in Japan, but Dave was still a little surprised when he stumbled upon  this blog post by Japanese designer, Yusuke Hanai.  Intrigued, Dave contacted Yusuke and traded him a pair of shoes for a few sketches.  Here's what Yusuke sent.  Fun, right?

When we contacted Yusuki to get permission for this post, he graciously allowed us to also share these photos from his...

Blog Spotted at Poppytalk

1. Millie Dress, Tangente
2. Tank Top, Tangente
3. Madame Stack Rings, Kristy Lin
4. New Mexican Sandals, Aurora Shoe Co.

Thanks to Sally, we've been spotted again.  Check us out at Poppytalk!

To Market, To Market

We're excited to share that the Aurora Shoe Company has been selected as a featured business at the Poppytalk Handmade Marketplace.  Check out our virtual table and all of the other handmade and vintage goodness that surrounds us.  Visit the Poppytalk blog later this month to read our post about the value of buying locally sourced and handmade products. 

Style Blog Spotting

via Mister Mort

A sweet customer stopped in and bought a few pairs of our Middle English shoes the other day - navy for herself, brown for her boyfriend, and another pair for Mister Mort, the San Francisco based style blogger.  He spotted our shoes on a furniture dealer at a Paris flea market last fall.  Check it out here.

Photography by Erin Little , Ginny Sheller , Katherine Huysman .

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