Aurora Shoe Co.

Handsome American Leather

If leather is a byproduct of the meat packing industry, then what would you call these beautiful pieces?

We call them fantastic! 

Made from the same  Horween Chromexcel that we use for our shoe leather, the baseball and wallet above are fittingly handmade and stitched with care by Paul Cunningham in Glen Rock, New Jersey.  Paul has purchased leather scraps for use in some of his projects.  You can view more of Paul's work, including hand stitched footballs, rugby and medicine balls, on his Etsy site.  Etsy featured Paul and his shop in June including a video that is a cool blend of old football footage combined with Paul's workshop and process. 

We love Paul's work and think these pieces are perfect for those who appreciate sports, high quality handmades, and history (his baseball designs are based on 19th century lemon peel styles).   Just think, if you ordered one of Paul's artisinal footballs today, you could be tossing it around with a friend by next weekend!

Wondering what we do with the leather scraps that Paul doesn't use?  I'll tell you all about them and how you can get some for your own projects when I'm back here next week.  Until then, have a great fall weekend!