Aurora Shoe Co.

Looking for a Good Fit

Over the past 20 years our shoes have been featured in various retail shops around the country.  About a year ago we decided it was time to step things up a notch.  We created a website, started this blog and built a fairly large Facebook following.  We've worked to make our presence known online, and now it's time to hit the pavement and get ourselves into some new retail spaces.  Instead of spending hours Googling shoe stores, clothing boutiques and gift shops,  we thought we'd start the old fashioned way - through the recommendations of friends.

You know our shoes, you understand our philosophies and you probably have a good sense about which kinds of shops we belong in and which we don't.  We would love to know if you have any shops, boutiques or opportunities in mind for sales or collaborations of any sort.  You can leave your suggestions in the comment box below or, if you'd prefer, you can email them to me at aurorashoealyssa(at)  

Thank you for your support online and in person. Every bit of feedback we receive keeps us moving forward.