Aurora Shoe Co.

Around the World in Aurora Shoes

We started our trip in our beloved Aurora Shoes this November in
Ontario where we packed all of our belongings into our CRV and drove out to BC Via Colorado and Montana.

 We then Promptly sold our car and stored our goods and flew to Beijing, where we trekked the Great Wall in our favourite footwear.

 We traveled the crowded trains and busses through China and into Laos where we trekked for two days into minority villages around Luang Namtha, and (as they were the only shoes we had) we did it in our Aurora shoes.

From there we navigated the chaos of Hanoi in our slightly more worn out shoes, and onto Singapore's civilized streets and Penang's dirty ones.

 We then rode the trams of Melbourne this February before returning home to BC

Your shoes have been great travel companions, keeping our feet comfortable and dry throughout our trip.

Thank you.

Kelsey & Thilo