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Small Business Shopping Guide - Your Brother

In the weeks leading up to Christmas we'll be sharing gift guides focusing on small businesses and organizations that we feel good about supporting. We only recommend gifts and products that we would actually consider ourselves and hope that you find inspiration. Please feel free to add other ideas in the comments section - there are so many great businesses out there and we would love to know about your favorites!

He is straightforward and keeps things simple which somehow makes him hard to shop for.  He enjoys a good meal, an interesting design, and has always been curious about how things work.  Here are some gift ideas for your brother.

A waxed canvas pouch from Peg and Awl becuase everyone needs a stylish and practical place to keep their essentials.   ($38)

A shave kit with handmade beer soap by Dirty Deeds Soaps.  The beer aroma will take him back to his drinking, I mean rugby playing college days.  ($25)

A brass bottle key from Makr because it's cool, compact, and strung on a keychain, it will always be at the ready. ($11)

A vintage plaid shirt like the ones your dad probably wore from funkomavintage on Etsy.  ($24)

In paperback at this independent bookshop.  ($25)

Some other ideas:
  • Build him a personalized deck of cards using photos from your parents' albums
  • Buy him a gift certificate for the local bakery that brews his favorite cup of coffee
  • Save him time and money by getting a certificate to cover his next oil change
  • A Zingerman's Food Coma Gift Box.  Just follow the link; it sounds amazing.