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Small Business Shopping Guide - Your Parents

In the weeks leading up to Christmas we'll be sharing gift guides focusing on small businesses and organizations that we feel good about supporting. We only recommend gifts and products that we would actually consider ourselves and hope that you find inspiration. Please feel free to add other ideas in the comments section - there are so many great businesses out there and we would love to know about your favorites!

Good old Mom and Dad - they deserve more than you could ever give them, but here are some ideas anyway...

for Mom

A handle free pitcher from Jasmine Pots to add a little handmade love to her morning coffee or the next cup of tea that you share ($15)

A cold hardy succulent wreath for her post-Christmas front door ($125)

A simple and pretty letterpress calendar ($40)

A cozy knitted merino and silk lace scarf that goes with almost everything ($39)

for Dad

A walnut travel mug masuline enough to be seen out with the guys for their morning meet and greet at the local coffee shop ($45)

The holiday chocolate assortment from Lake Champlain Chocolates to satisfy his sweet tooth ($29.50).  This snickers fudge would also do the trick.

  A book to enjoy in his favorite chair ($45)

for both of them

Good old handmade leather shoes.  Order online with a gift certificate or come in to the shop and we'll take care of you (and give you a discounted rate).