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Small, Local, Handmade Gift Guide: Tea

I come from a long line of tea drinking women, and think that early winter is the perfect time to stock up on new teas.  If you have a tea loving friend or relative, you might want to consider one of these tea themed gifts...

This set of natural and reusable organic tea bags, along with some loose tea via Natural Linens on Etsy (they also carry reusable and organic coffee filters).

 A cheery handmade mug to put it in

Lemon flavored tea stirring "spoons", just for fun

or maybe a set of all natural, tea flavored lip balms from Orange Thyme on Etsy

Adventurous or especially health conscious friends and family might enjoy A Kombucha Starter Kit

For those who like to make their own gifts...

This recipe for chai concentrate looks so good.

I have always wanted to try making candles in old tea cups.

p.s.  This cup cozy, paired with a Mason jar, and one of these would make the perfect gift for an eco friendly tea-drinker-on-the-go. 

p.p.s.  These cup cozy patterns also look fun.  They have a built in pocket for tea bags!