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Small, Local, Handmade Gift Guide: JEWELRY

I asked my friend Jasmine Crowe to put together a small, local, and handmade jewelry gift guide for us.  Jasmine lives in Upstate New York with her husband, who farms, and her two adorable young children.  You can find her beautiful pottery (and now jewelry, too) at Jasmine Pots on Etsy.

clay necklace, handmade necklace
Fan Pendant Necklace via Jasmine Pots on Etsy

The pieces that Jasmine chose are beautiful to look at and carry the added advantage of being made by independent artisans such as herself.  Take a look... 

Black Abstract Flower Necklace $58, via Laurel Obrien on Etsy
I have known Laurel for a long time and she has always been a wonderful nature artist.  Her jewelry is beautifully crafted and can easily be dressed up or down.  I LOVE this necklace.  I would wear it with a white T-shirt and jeans, or my little black dress.  Or maybe my little red dress...

handmade brass earrings
Banana Boat forged brass hoops $89, via See Green on Etsy
Before I had my babies, my earring motto was 'go big or go home'.  Now I have to save my big earrings for when I am not toting around 20 pounds of grabby baby hands and let me tell you, these are worth the wait.  Elegant enough for your mother, but fun enough for your girlfriend, these earrings could go anywhere.

handmade copper jewelry
Hammered Copper Cuff $42, via C Star Studio on Etsy
Sometimes you just need a little something.  A little shine, a little bling, a little copper cuff.  I will admit, I am not a huge bracelet girl, but when I choose to don some wrist adornment, I want something just like this.  Clean, simple and fabulous.

chunky pearl necklace, handmade pearl necklace
Pearl Bib Statement Necklace $148, via SavageSalvage on Etsy
Ok, so this is not for your every day.  But I do not know any woman who would not feel like the bell of the ball in this decadent, pearl bib necklace.  Right up my ally, a feast for the eyes, I see this being a date-night staple.

Solace Ring $110, via Windfall Designs on Etsy
I have been a fan of Karin's work for years.  Her work is impeccably made with this subtle beauty that makes you feel beautiful wearing it.  This ring is on my wish list.  I love the private wording on the inside band, the natural shape of the stone.

Starry Sky Sterling Silver Earrings $44, via Elisabeth Space on Etsy
I have a slight fascination with the night sky myself, and have referenced it in my work again and again.  So it is no surprise that I am drawn to these simple silver earrings that beautifully and simply evoke a starry night.  These could be my every day earrings, baby hands or not...

handmade leather earrings
Take Flight Handmade Deep Purple Swallow Earrings $45, via the Red Caravan on Etsy
These are a statement all by themselves.  Put them on and you have lift-off.  I fantasize about wearing these, to tell you the truth.  The two swallows circling my face as I move through my day.  What could be more pleasing?

delicate gold necklace
Tiny Gold Dot Necklace $25, via Roundabout on Etsy
This is a necklace I could wear with my baby on my hip or my husband on my arm.  Sweet and classic, this tiny gold dot is enough adornment to make you feel adorned even when it is not the focus of your outfit.  I find myself drawn to this necklace now.  I crave simple, elegant lines without the need for an occasion.

Thanks so much, Jasmine!