Aurora Shoe Co.

About Sizing

Aurora Shoes are created using large cuts of full grain leather.  We work the leather by hand to form the basic shape of the shoes, but leave the final fitting to your own feet.  Because of this unique feature, our shoes should be snug (but not tight) when they are new.  After a few days of moderate wear you’ll notice that the leather stretching to accommodate your feet.  Once you’ve hit that sweet spot you’re in for a long and comfortable ride.


Photo credit:  Erin Little


Fit Guide

Our shoes range in size from a women’s 5 through a men’s 12 with all the half sizes in between.  We offer a variety of widths, and thanks to the stretch left in our leather, we are pressed to find a foot we can’t cover. 

If you haven’t yet owned a pair of Aurora Shoes, you can ensure a good fit by tracing your feet. Mail us your tracings, place your order and we’ll take it from there.


Tracing Instructions

To get the best results have someone trace your feet for you. We recommend that you find something a bit thicker than printer paper (the walls of old cereal boxes work great). We love to encourage creative re-purposing, but any normal heavier weight paper will work just as well. Please trace each foot on a separate piece as we'll be cutting them out.

Stand up straight, barefoot, and in a relaxed position with your feet at their most comfortable distance apart. For most people this is about shoulder width. Spread your toes, and then let them relax and try to remain relaxed throughout the tracing process, not moving until both feet have been traced completely. Keep your pen or pencil straight up and down as you follow the contours of the feet. If you have sensitive feet you may find that this tickles a bit. You can laugh all you want, but keep those feet still!

If you prefer to trace your own feet, kneel on one knee, barefoot, with your weight on the foot being traced, and on a hard smooth surface. A sturdy coffee table is perfect for this. Be sure that your toes are somewhat spread out, like they would extend when you take a step. Balance can be a bit tricky, so again, be careful while tracing not to move your foot.

 If you traced properly, your pencil outline will be larger than your actual foot by the width of the pencil you used to trace with.  Write your name, style / color preference, your typical shoe size, and your arch/instep type (flat / medium / high) on each tracing. Mail us your tracings, place your order and rest easy knowing you're about to own a really great fitting pair of shoes.




Click here to download the tracing instructions or read our blog post about the dos and don'ts of foot tracings