Aurora Shoe Co.

COVID-19 Statement

********(Update 3/1/2021) The Aurora Shoe Co. Factory Outlet is returning to normal hours & no COVID restrictions.   We look forward to seeing you on Fridays from 10am -4pm.


*******(Update 6/4/2021) We are excited to welcome local customers back to our factory Outlet Shop in Aurora.  Outlet shop hours are every Friday from 10am - 4pm.  Keep an eye on @aurorashoeoutlet on Instagram for updates.

We are following CDC guidance, allowing fully vaccinated individuals to shop indoors without a mask.  All staff at the Aurora Shoe Co. Outlet are fully vaccinated.


******(Update 5/21/2021) We are counting down the days until we open the doors to our factory outlet shop.  We plan to open every Friday this summer, starting Friday June 4.  Friday hours will be from 10am - 4pm.  Visit @aurorashoeoutlet on Instagram for updates.

*****(Update 3/15/2021) - We are tentatively shooting for re-opening our factory outlet shop the first Friday after Memorial Day.  We hope to keep the outlet open every Friday throughout the summer. 

Online order fulfillment will continue as normal.

****(Update 1/5/2021) - Our factory outlet will remain closed indefinitely, in response to the local spike in COVID-19 cases.  Our production and online store remain active.

***(Update 12/1/2020) - Our factory outlet is open by appointment every Friday in December, until Christmas.  We are scheduling 30-minute appointments every half hour between 10-4.  Please call (315) 364-7892 or email ( ahead to schedule your time to shop

Internet orders are processed in the order that they are received.  Cut-off for domestic Christmas delivery is Friday 12/18.

**(Update 7/10/2020) - we are scheduling customers by appointment, to allow one group into our outlet shop at a time on Fridays between 9am - 4pm.  Please call (315) 364-7892 or email ( ahead to schedule your time to shop.  We require face coverings for all shoppers entering the factory.  Disposable masks and hand sanitizer will be provided for customers who come without their own.

*(Update 6/5/2020) We aren’t ready to fully re-open our factory outlet shop quite yet.  If you have worn our shoes in the past, and know what you are looking for, we are offering a curb-side service.  You can tell us your preferred style/color/size, and a member of our staff will bring the shoes to your vehicle for a fitting.  We can process your credit card in the parking lot, or send you a link to pay by phone.  

*(Update 5/20/2020) We have carefully resumed production activities in Aurora.  We are quickly catching up on all orders placed during the COVID-19 shutdown.  We welcome your online orders!

(EFFECTIVE March 13, 2020) Due to the current spread of COVID-19, the Aurora Shoe Co. has chosen to follow state and federal recommendations to suspend all non-essential operations. This includes suspending all production, order fulfilling, shipping, and  factory outlet activities.  All orders currently in progress, and any new orders placed during this time will continue to be processed as soon as we resume operations, in the order that they were received.

Feel free to contact us by email ( with any questions or concerns.