The Virtues of Leather

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Return to the Roots
Originally Published:  04 October, 2010
I would like to introduce myself as a leather technician, owner and co-owner of tanning companies Heller-Leder, Helcor-Leder-tec and Südleder. Outside of my daily business activities I am also president of the German Leather Industry Association (Verband der deutschen Lederindustrie) and of the ‘German Leather Development Group’...

On the Business of American Made Goods

Have you noticed that there has been a new push to buy American made fashion?  It's a slow movement, but it's definitely gaining traction, with websites and blogs popping up to keep us posted on the latest developments and the hippest shops.  I've seen a rise in American bags, accessories, leather goods and American heritage brand boots, shoes and blue jeans.  
There are plenty of viewpoints about...

The Value of Handmade

What is the value of handmade?  It's a question that many of us ask ourselves as we price our handmade goods or search for the perfect handmade gift.  Monetary value can be broken down easily enough.  Add the cost of materials, a decent hourly rate and you've got a number.  Prices allow us to buy and sell, but do they really reflect the value of our goods?  

When we buy handmade we're demonstrating...

Let's Talk About Leather

If you wear Aurora Shoes then you know that the secret to our shoes' comfort lies mostly in our high quality leather.  We don't mean to downplay the importance of good design and solid soles, but if the top leather wasn't thick and supple enough to stretch like it does, we'd be making an entirely different kind of shoe. 
A sampling of our gorgeous leather awaiting straps and buckles
As you probably...

Photography by Erin Little , Ginny Sheller , Katherine Huysman .

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