Handmade Shoes for (big) Kids

The other day my oldest son and I stopped in to see Uncle Dave at the shop.  He took a short break to chat with us and then one thing led to another, and we walked out the door with the smallest pair of Aurora Shoes I've ever seen (Women's 5 C) walking under the happiest face I'd seen that day. 

And what did my little (big) boy do when I asked him to model these pristine shoes? He did what little...


We've had a lot of questions about our boots and when they'll be available. We had originally planned (hoped) for a fall 2013 release, but to be honest, we're not quite ready yet. It's taken a lot of time and figuring to prototype, test, and manufacture a shoe that has the look, and more importantly, the comfort that we're going for. We feel that we owe you, our loyal customers, a pair of boots...

Learning About Leather

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture made of "real wood" just to find that it was actually a cheaply made mass of particle board? Or maybe you saw wood grain and later realized that it was just a veneer? Well, leather is a lot like wood. There are four main grades of leather and unless you know what you're looking for, you can end up with a product that doesn't match your expectations. We...

Suggestions Welcomed

Dave is loving his new Adler.  It can handle several layers of leather and opens the door for all kinds of accessories.   Belts and wallets are some initial thoughts.  We'd love to know, what kinds of leather accessories would you like to see?

The Virtues of Leather

Leather International Magazine 
Return to the Roots
Originally Published:  04 October, 2010
I would like to introduce myself as a leather technician, owner and co-owner of tanning companies Heller-Leder, Helcor-Leder-tec and Südleder. Outside of my daily business activities I am also president of the German Leather Industry Association (Verband der deutschen Lederindustrie) and of the ‘German Leather Development Group’...

NorthernGRADE Photos

northerngrade men's made in usa

Dave and Andrea have had a great weekend at NorthernGRADE, the 100% American Made pop-up market in Minneapolis.  Dave has been uploading photos to our Facebook page throughout the weekend.  It looks like an amazing venue and a really inspiring group of vendors.  Take a peek!


We were thrilled to be selected as a vendor at the exclusive NorthernGRADE menswear pop-up market.   The market features only 100% made in the USA menswear and seems like a perfect fit for our American (sourced and made) shoes. 

Dave and his wife Andrea will be heading out to Minneapolis for the market in mid September and they'd love to see you there. 

All images via Check...

Our Leather Goes to Summer Camp

Due to the inconsistent nature of leather, there are portions of hide that aren't optimal for shoe production.  We're left with boxes full of leather scrap and are thrilled when we can put some of that scrap to good use.  Some day we hope to come up with our own uses for the pounds of scrap that pile up, but for now, we are happy when we can put it into the hands of peoplewho have the time and...

Birds of a Feather: Beam & Anchor

We find inspiration in other businesses and organizations who, like us, work to promote a love of good design and an appreciation for fine craftsmanship.  In this series, which we call Birds of a Feather, we'll share stories and ideas from around the world that reflect our own values.  We hope that you find them as inspiring and thought provoking as we do.

Beam & Anchoris a perfect example of...

On the Business of American Made Goods

Have you noticed that there has been a new push to buy American made fashion?  It's a slow movement, but it's definitely gaining traction, with websites and blogs popping up to keep us posted on the latest developments and the hippest shops.  I've seen a rise in American bags, accessories, leather goods and American heritage brand boots, shoes and blue jeans.  
There are plenty of viewpoints about...

Things Men Have Made

Handsome American Leather

If leather is a byproduct of the meat packing industry, then what would you call these beautiful pieces?

We call them fantastic! 

Made from the same  HorweenChromexcel that we use for our shoe leather, the baseball and wallet above are fittingly handmade and stitched with care by Paul Cunningham in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Paul has purchased leather scraps for use in some of his projects. You can...

The Value of Handmade

What is the value of handmade?  It's a question that many of us ask ourselves as we price our handmade goods or search for the perfect handmade gift.  Monetary value can be broken down easily enough.  Add the cost of materials, a decent hourly rate and you've got a number.  Prices allow us to buy and sell, but do they really reflect the value of our goods?  

When we buy handmade we're demonstrating...

Photography by Erin Little , Ginny Sheller , Katherine Huysman .

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