Aurora Shoe Co.

Meet Bob

Bob is probably the nicest curmudgeon you'll ever meet.  He's the kind of guy who, when forced to miss work for a doctor's appointment, will bring back doughnuts for the entire shop.  He's also the kind of guy who will stay later than usual to make up for worked missed.  He has a serious eye for detail and is meticulous in his work.  This may have something to do with Bob's other profession. 

Though Bob has been with Aurora Shoe for over 10 years, his local reputation lies in his beautiful masonry work.  A craftsman all his life, Bob's handwork can be seen in fireplaces, steps and stone walls all over the county.  When Dave decided the factory needed a new sign, Bob was the first and only person he thought of. 

We're proud to show off Bob's fine handwork on our sign and in our shoes.

Check back to meet more of the heads, hearts and hands behind Aurora Shoes.