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Check us Out @ Ped Shoes

We are happy to announce a special re-connection that we've recently made with Ped, an online retailer of European and American handmade shoes, boots, handbags, jewelry and other treasures.

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Here's what Ped has to say about the products they carry:

At Ped, we don't chase fashion, and we don't follow trends. We choose styles we like and wear ourselves. The things we carry are timeless yet contemporary and are always handcrafted from the finest materials, often using centuries-old techniques that ensure items are of heirloom quality and can be passed from one generation to the next.

Here at Ped we talk about "price per wear". The shoes we carry will last a lifetime. They're literally handmade and can be worn and worn, and then worn some more. If and when they seem like they can go no further, a simple re-soling and treatment with a leather care product will give them new life.
Our unique relationship with Ped goes back to the early 1990s when both of our businesses were getting started. Ped Founder, Dayna Grubb discovered our shoes while running her first retail boutique in Seattle - we're proud to share that we were one of the first collections the store carried.

The relationship became personal when Dayna and MJ (the founder of Aurora Shoes, who is still with us) discovered that MJ and Dayna's life partner, Terry Stotz, had worked together at the local ski resort, Greek Peak. As MJ says, "The friendship was instant. Dayna is a great business woman, and they're just really nice people. We've always had a great relationship with them".

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We're so glad to be working with Ped again and hope that you'll check out the other fine handmade products they offer. As they say on their site, the styles at Ped only get better with time and they definitely have soul.