Aurora Shoe Co.

Meet Maggie

Though she can be funny and sarcastic, when it comes to work, Maggie doesn't mess around.

Having worked at Aurora Shoe for about 10 years, Maggie knows nearly everything about our shoes and how to make them. She is an expert at one of our most dreaded and detailed steps and can be seen doing just that below.

See that look of concentration? Sewing triangles is tricky.

When she's not making shoes or fitting customers at the shop, Maggie is enjoying her "country quiet" and some of the simple pleasures this area affords. In her time away from Aurora Shoe, Maggie loves walking, drinking local wine and reading (hobbies that can work in combination, as you can see below).

Relaxing at Home - photo by Jessica S.

Yep, she wears her "15 or so" pairs of Aurora Shoes everywhere. She's also turned her family into proud Aurora Shoe wearers. That's some serious Aurora Shoe love!

We love Maggie's dedication, her attention to detail and her enthusiasm for our shoes. Maggie is serious about her work, but doesn't take herself too seriously and Aurora Shoe wouldn't be the same without her.

Check back to meet more of the personalities behind our shoes!