Aurora Shoe Co.

Hello, Brian!

Having worked at Aurora Shoe for just over 6 months, Brian is one of our newest employees.  He brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to his work and is always ready to learn a new job.  So far, Brian has been responsible for many of the smaller tasks in our shoe-making process.  He does a lot of the gluing, the lacing and is a hole-poker extraordinaire, punching small holes in our shoe straps as well as marking holes on the insoles (these allow the uppers to be properly aligned before the shoes are sewn together).

Brian came to us after returning to the area, having spent many years in the truss manufacturing industry in North Carolina.  He is originally from the Aurora area and is very proud to be a part of the Aurora Shoe team.

A chatty and friendly guy, Brian is frequently heard cracking jokes and can bring even the quietest of our staff out of their shells.  His favorite topic seems to be sports, and lately football (Go Cowboys!).  Like Bob, Brian is the kind of guy who loves to bring in snacks for everyone (though we should really be thanking his wife for those).  We've come to count on frequent batches of banana bread and fudge to keeping everyone sufficiently sweetened.

Check back to meet more of our staff!