Aurora Shoe Co.

Dave Prepares to say Sayonara!

A street shot of Osaka, where Dave will be heading in March

Several months ago Dave was one of five young New York professionals chosen to take part in a Group Study Exchange hosted by Rotary International. He has been attending meetings and attempting to learn basic language skills in preparation for a four week trip to Japan. While in Japan, Dave will stay with a Japanese host family and will be meeting with many people working in the shoe industry there. In addition to these vocational visits, he'll also participate in social events, cultural and site tours and will be expected to participate in several group presentations, sharing Central New York culture with Japanese Rotarians.

Dave departs on March 27th, but one of his colleagues has already started a blog to share her thoughts on the journey. You'll see it linked on our sidebar from now until the trip has concluded and we encourage you to take a peek and see what Dave and his colleagues are up to. Of course, Dave will also send us his own updates from time to time and we'll be sure to share those as they come in.

As many of you know, our shoes have been quite popular in Japan for some time now. We can't wait to see if Dave spots any Aurora Shoes on the streets and we are definitely expecting a photo of his feet in Auroras on the other side of the world!