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Do you remember Sassy Magazine?  I've always been a magazine reader, but I especially remember my love for Sassy.  We recently received the email beow from a fellow Sassy fan who not only remembered finding our shoes there, but who actually still had a copy of the magazine!  I am loving the 90s grunge meets angsty teenaged school girl look.  Say hello to August, 1993...

When I was 16 years old I was secretly addicted to Sassy magazine.  It was *the* magazine for us offbeat girls that didn't fit into the mainstream mall-rat demographic.  I anxiously awaited for it to hit the magazine rack each month and devoured every word from cover-to-cover the second I got it home.  During this time, I had my own fashion sense that did not include regular trips to Wet Seal or Nordstrom.  I was into funky thrift-store finds and beat-up levi jeans.  The only problem I had was finding a decent shoe for the upcoming school year that was unique, versatile and comfortable.  I already had converse and Doc Martins which were great for winter... but I needed one more shoe, a sandal perhaps.  Birkenstocks were a bit too hippie-ish and everything else was too dressy or looked like it came directly out of Seventeen Magazine.  I searched all summer long, to no avail. I had pretty much given up.  So when I flopped down to enjoy the August issue of Sassy magazine in 1993, I was surprised to see the perfect sandal right before my eyes.  A perfectly unique little shoe that looked great with tights or with scrunched up wool socks. I was smitten.  I had to have them.  I quickly looked up the sandal only to find the price of $95 was way out of my 16-year old budget.  I was disheartened for a moment, then I started figuring out how I was going to save up for the darned things.  I could not live without them.  It took me two months, but eventually I was the proud owner of a beautiful pair of "New Chinese" sandals.  It's been nearly 20 years, and I still have them.  They were my first major fashion purchase and I hold them dear to my heart. 

Chelsie Kenyon
Writer and Author

p.s.  Is it just me, or did that look like a younger Angelina Jolie?

p.p.s.   Do you remember the Sassy spoof Phil Hartman did on SNL?  Hillarious!