Aurora Shoe Co.

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

No, we still don't produce shoes for kids (believe me, I'm pushing for them too).  But my little guy is managing to get around just fine without Aurora Shoes and I am loving watching his progress.  Here are a few from our "learning to walk" series for you baby lovers out there. 

All of that walking left us both needing a rest, so he played happily with sunglasses and I took a picture of my feet (totally normal). 

Thanks for indulging this proud mama - I just love hearing the pitter patter of those cute little baby feet!  My Auroras are spending a lot of time outside and at the local playground.  Where are your Aurora Shoes taking YOU?

p.s.  I just finished this entry to find a really lovely feature on our company here.  We love the support we get from our small and tightly knit community.  It's good to be in Aurora!