Aurora Shoe Co.

A Fresh Perspective

It's been a couple of months since I first talked with Erin about capturing some images of our shoes.  Up until now, most of the photos you see on our blog and website have been taken by family members or myself.  Tired of trying to do it all, we reached out to Erin, who is a professional phtographer and self professed Aurora Shoe lover. 

 I've been waiting in quiet anticipation since then and was so happy to find a beautiful little package from Erin in my mailbox yesterday.   I won't even attempt to show you all of the great photos that we now have at our fingertips (you'll see them soon enough on our website, blog, etc.) but I'm happy to share a few of my favorites.

You can view more of Erin's photographic stylings at her professional site:  a love supreme.  Follow the blog link to see some really beautiful wedding shots - this wedding is my favorite, or maybe this one...  Ahh, why am I trying?  They're all lovely!

Thank you, Erin for bringing a fresh new perspective to our tried and true classics.  Readers, I'd love to know, how do you style your Aurora Shoes?