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Veterans' Day

When I'm having a rough day or find myself in a difficult situation, I often think about my grandparents.  They courted each other in the early 1940s and were married just after my grandfather was drafted and before he was sent to Normandy.  I think about the extreme hardship of living apart, not knowing if they would ever see or hold each other again, and the incredible amount of self sacrifice that they endured.  While I have never known the realities of military service, the small fraction that I am able to imagine is always enough to make my own troubles seem insignificant in comparison. 

Dave and Jane Myers with friends on their wedding day
August 21, 1943

Grandpa was eventually wounded in France and spent about a year recovering in various hospitals before being reunited with his wife.  Grandma always said that his wounds were what saved his life.  I really can not imagine...

Today and always, thank you.