Aurora Shoe Co.

10 Year Old Shoes

 There was a lot of leg lifting at Squam.  Everyone wanted to see the shoes on somebody and not just sitting on a shelf.  Thank goodness for leggings, because from behind our table, the only way to show mine off was to lift my foot up, dress and all.  I was wearing these, my warm weather favorites. 

I bought these shoes in 2002 when I was waitressing and needed a pair of comfortable black shoes to adhere to the restaurant's dress code.  Believe me when I say that they've had a lot of foot traffic.  In the 10 years I've owned these shoes, they've seen me through waitressing jobs, a teaching job, a job at a local college, and several years of mothering.  Now they're about to take me back to the classroom in the fall. 

Good quality leather gets better with age.  I wonder how they'll look after another 10?

What about you - how long have you been wearing your Auroras?