Aurora Shoe Co.

Our Leather Goes to Summer Camp

Due to the inconsistent nature of leather, there are portions of hide that aren't optimal for shoe production.  We're left with boxes full of leather scrap and are thrilled when we can put some of that scrap to good use.  Some day we hope to come up with our own uses for the pounds of scrap that pile up, but for now, we are happy when we can put it into the hands of people who have the time and inclination to use it

April, the Director of Environmental Education at the Fern Hollow Nature Center in PA, just sent us these photos of kids using our leather to make dream catchers at their first camp of the summer season. 

What about you - any ideas for projects made from scrap leather?   We'd love to hear your ideas or share your work on our Facebook page.  Link your photos and we'll share them with our friends.