Aurora Shoe Co.

A Letter Worth Sharing

Dave shared this sweet message on our Facebook page today and I wanted to share it here as well.  These are the kinds of letters that reaffirm everything we do.  Thank you to Julie, and everyone else who takes a moment to write.  We appreciate letters like this so much.

Hi there -

I bought a pair of your New Chinese shoes back in 1995 and I am wearing them right now! :) They still look and feel just as amazing as they did the year I bought them (if not better). I don't have any shoes from that year or even from before 2006, so this to me is VERY telling of the quality of

your shoes. Looking closely at them, I see no signs of them falling apart and all they need is a little shoe oil and they look like new. Unbelievable. And, they've never gone out of fashion since that time! I've worn them every single year. I just had to write to you so that you know how much I appreciate your company. And, a little plea for you to make some boots! :)

Thanks so much,


p.s.  Check out a photo of my "old" New Chinese here.