Aurora Shoe Co.

Happy Birthday, Dave!

For those who don't have the pleasure of knowing my brother, here are a few things you might like to learn about the Birthday Boy, leader of this company...

1.  He bought his first pair of Aurora Shoes when he was 13 and wore them everywhere.  In the lake, bailing hay, to church, for weddings, EVERYWHERE.   I think his toes actually busted out of the tips before he'd admit that his feet had grown enough to require a new pair. 
Handmade American Wedding Shoes

2.  He played rugby in college and made us all worry every weekend.  He made it out okay because he was fast!

3.  He's a really fun and hands-on dad and uncle.  The kids love to jump, snuggle and roll all over him.

4.  He's a pretty laid back and quiet guy.  In fact, this whole post might embarrass him a little, so I'll leave it there.

Happy birthday, David!