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Meet Janet

It seems that each of us on staff are here primarily because we enjoy working with our hands.  More specifically, we like the sense of accomplishment that comes from turning simple raw materials into objects of value.  We all make shoes during the day, but many of us also have side projects and hobbies that continue to keep our hands busy after hours.  Janet, who we have been getting to know for the past couple of months, is a fellow craftsperson, small business owner, and now a member of our staff.

Corning Museum of Glass Artist, American Made

Janet moved into a home just down the road from our shop this fall, with a desire to experience life in the Finger Lakes.  She is originally from Long Island and came to the area via Corning, where her passion for glass blowing blossomed into 4 years of work with the Corning Museum of Glass.  Janet continues to sell her work in the Museum gift shop and teaches classes on glass blowing, fusing, and flame working.  When I asked Janet about her interest in leather, she explained the similarities between her glass craft and the work we do.  As Janet says, both require practice and skill, a feel for the materials, and the faith that muscle memory will take over for calculated work, given enough practice and a willingness to let go and feel your way through.

Aurora Shoe Co.

Blown Glass Christmas Ornament

Blown Glass Pumpkin

Blown Glass Pumpkins, Handmade, Artisanal Craft

Art and craft drive so many of us and I love the way that Janet's vision and values have led her to us.  Please join me in welcoming Janet to our Aurora Shoe family.  You can view Janet's beautiful glass work here and can find some beautiful Christmas ornaments on sale at her Etsy shop.