Handmade Shoes for (big) Kids

The other day my oldest son and I stopped in to see Uncle Dave at the shop.  He took a short break to chat with us and then one thing led to another, and we walked out the door with the smallest pair of Aurora Shoes I've ever seen (Women's 5 C) walking under the happiest face I'd seen that day. 

And what did my little (big) boy do when I asked him to model these pristine shoes? He did what little...


We've had a lot of questions about our boots and when they'll be available. We had originally planned (hoped) for a fall 2013 release, but to be honest, we're not quite ready yet. It's taken a lot of time and figuring to prototype, test, and manufacture a shoe that has the look, and more importantly, the comfort that we're going for. We feel that we owe you, our loyal customers, a pair of boots...

Happy Birthday, Dave!

For those who don't have the pleasure of knowing my brother, here are a few things you might like to learn about the Birthday Boy, leader of this company...

1. He bought his first pair of Aurora Shoes when he was 13 and wore them everywhere. In the lake, bailing hay, to church, for weddings, EVERYWHERE. I think his toes actually busted out of the tips before he'd admit that his feet had grown...

Farewell, Summer!

poppieshome grown strawberries
aurora shoe co.
birthday bunting
beautiful barn
cut flower boquet
ithaca is gorges

We miss you already.

Outstanding in our Field


I stopped at the shop and talked Dave into a quick photo session in the south field.  The sun is shining, the wildflowers are blooming, and it's really starting to look like summer around here.   

When I think about home, and the summers that Dave and I (and our two sisters) spent together growing up, I think of wildflowers, hay barns and lots of time spent lazing around in the sunshine....

Wedding Shoes

I have been holding on to this little gem of a postcard for at least a couple of years now, waiting for a good time to share it.  Today being the first day of June (wedding season?) I pulled it out and popped it into the scanner.  

I found the postcard at a local shop that carries local art and antiques.  The photographer, Jacci, was happy to give me a copy. She took the photo in the mid 1990s....

Scenes from a Binns Family Christmas

Two of the five Binns family grandchildren celebrated their very first Christmas.  At 10 months, we're pretty sure that Amelia got more out of the day than Liam did.  Either way, adding two more kids to the mix has really added a huge amount of fun and love to our annual gathering.  

We work each year to simplify the family Christmas, and I think we finally hit a beautiful balance. There were...

Our New York

It's funny how when you're travelling and you tell someone that you're from New York they automatically assume that you mean New York City. Sure, there are A LOT of people in NYC, but there is also a lot of real estate north of the Tappan Zee Bridge. We're a full 5 hours north of the City and it would take another 5 hours to reach the Canadian border, so we're truly smack dab in the middle of New...

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

No, we still don't produce shoes for kids (believe me, I'm pushing for them too).  But my little guy is managing to get around just fine without Aurora Shoes and I am loving watching his progress.  Here are a few from our "learning to walk" series for you baby lovers out there. 

All of that walking left us both needing a rest, so he played happily with sunglasses and I took a picture of my feet...


It just occured to me that I have been bringing you blog entries for about two years now and I haven't taken the time to properly introduce myself.   I may have been intentionally vague in the past, but it feels like a good time to come out of virtual hiding and tell you a little about myself.  And since family connections brought me here, that seems like a good place to start.

I grew up in the...

It's a Girl!

We are so happy to announce the birth of our newest addition, Amelia Scout.  She's healthy and beautiful.  We feel incredibly blessed.

To celebrate (and adjust to) Amelia's birth, we're closing the shop for a couple of weeks. We'll resume normal hours starting Monday, March 7th. Online orders will still be processed within this time and we'll even add free shipping to orders placed before March...

Merry Christmas!

 The Aurora Shoe Company wishes you a very merry Christmas!

We'll be away from the shop from Friday, December 24th through Monday, January 3rd.  We'll resume normal business hours on Tuesday, January 4th.  As always, phone calls and emails for appointments are welcome at any time.  

Happy holidays and warm regards from me and ours to you and yours!

Santa Wears Aurora Shoes Too!

Look closely and you'll see that Santa is not actually wearing boots, but is in fact wearing a pair of black Middle English Auroras instead. 
As it turns out, Aurora's Santa-in-Residence is not a toy maker, but a shoe maker (don't tell the kiddos!). 

A Very Special Pair of Shoes

Dave's daughter, Reagan celebrated her first birthday over the weekend.  Can you guess what her shoemaker daddy made to mark the occasion?

That's right, a tiny pair of leather shoes!  Modeled after her mommy's West Indians, Reagan's shoes are a big hit.  This blogger would like to see more handmade shoes for little feet.  Would you? 

Photography by Erin Little , Ginny Sheller , Katherine Huysman .

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