Local Author Visit

It was a real pleasure to get together with local author, and fellow maker, Maya Pagan Donenfeld.  We gave Maya a shop tour, and talked about her new book, which offers up some really inspirational advice for creating a new self identity after crisis, trauma, or loss.  It's called Hope Make Heal; 20 Crafts to Mend the Heart and would make a wonderful gift for a friend or for one's self. Maya's...

Lake Views

We're surrounded by beauty here in Aurora.  I think we all spend as much time as possible on or near the lake all summer, but mild winter days can be pretty great, too.  The geese were making lots of noise and the waves were calmly rolling in while we took a few photos this morning. 

handmade leather shoes

handmade leather shoes

Hot coffee was a nice treat after an hour spent in the cold. Our Auroras have stayed pretty local this year. Where...

Summer Has Arrived in Aurora

I don't know if there's anything more relaxing than a summer night on the lake with a small camp fire and a couple of acoustic instruments making soft music in perfect harmony. Photo shoots are always fun, but this one was a real treat. Jordan and Stephanie brought their guitar and mandolin along and the young (and recently married!) couple made sweet music while I snapped away. Here are a few...

Birds of a Feather: Nukumori Designs

It's the end of March.  Spring has officially begun, but here in upstate New York, I think we all feel like we're stuck in a never-ending winter.  Boston may have gotten more snow, but we have had a very long, very cold, and very home-bound winter.


When these super cozy baby-wearing coats from Nukumori Designscame in the mail, and we had a sunny day to work with, we got over the idea of waiting...

On Location at Ledyard Farms

Today was the perfect day to get out into the snow and take a few photos.  Carrie and I met up at Ledyard Farms where we were able to meet Ledyard's Tiger Lily, a 4-year-old Morgan show horse. The farm is one of our favorite spots for picking up local eggs, lamb and beef.  It also happens to be really pretty in the snow...

Morgan Show Horse Ledyard Farms

Morgan Show Horse Ledyard's Tiger Lily

Where have your Auroras taken YOU?   Share your everyday adventureswith us!...

Featured in Central New York Magazine

Back in July we did some scrambling to get ready for a day-long interview and photo shoot with a local magazine. The issue made it to stands this month and we're loving the way that journalist, Allison Sklaney, and photographer, Ellen Blalock took our raw material and turned it into a really nice story about who we are and what we do. Locals might like to pick up a copy of Central New York...

New Mexican Sandals

When the weather is hot and you're on your feet a lot, there's nothing better than a simple and practical pair of sandals to get you through the day.  Our handmade leather sandals form to your feet and provide a high quality flexible sole for the comfort and support your feet are begging for. 

leather sandals made in USA

aurora shoe co. made in usa

handmade leather shoes

Middle English

A few weeks ago, a request came in on our Facebook page for a few photos of our Middle English style on a woman.  It was exactly the reminder we needed to get back into taking regular photos of our shoes outside of the shop and on people's feet!  Here are a few from this snowy April Saturday in Aurora.

Aurora Shoe Co. leather loafers

Aurora Shoe Co. made in USA

New and Improved

Over the past few months we've been busy working on a few updates around here.  While some are purely cosmetic, many of them are going to make things much easier for you, our valued customers.  We're especially proud of our DIY website adjustments.  We have a new platform, a whole new (and easier than ever) check-out system, and a newly streamlined look.  Check it out

handmade in new york

handmade leather shoes

As always, if you notice...

Aurora Shoes in Ireland

We love sharing photos of our many pairs of shoes and their worldly adventures.  Here's our latest email from a happy customer who traveled to Ireland in Auroras.  I love the photos and wish that I could be transported to that beautiful garden right now.  A pint of Guinness wouldn't be half bad either...

I've been loving my shoes, and even taking pictures of them! I'm from Salt Lake City, and we...

Plain T-shirt Love

This post is for all of you men out there.  Simple staples are always stylish.  Let Jace, of Plain T-shirt (who happens to wear our shoes) show you the way... 

Meet the Neighbors - Petrune

At the Aurora Shoe Company, we passionately support small business and handmade and local goods. As a visitor of our blog, we thought that you might feel the same way. In our Meet the Neighbors series we're featuring businesses and people who reflect our own values and whom we feel lucky to call neighbors and friends.

It's hard to know where to even begin with Petrune. Their store front on the...

The Office

While Dave and the rest of our staff are at the workshop cutting, stitching, and creating, my work (which hardly feels like work in comparison) usually takes place off site, wherever I can find a good comfy seat and an internet connection. 

The routine since September has been to drop my kids off (preschool and babysitter) at 9am and then choose a place to set up camp for the next few hours....

It's all About Comfort

(photo by Erin) 

After being on my feet all day, I couldn't wait to get home and kick my shoes off.  Now I don't have to worry about that  - I don't even realize I have them on.  
- A local patron describing the Aurora Shoe difference

Things Men Have Made

Middle English Style

We're slowly building a collection of photos so that we can update our website and create a small catalog.  Yesterday I called up a friend and we orchestrated an impromptu photo shoot with her handsome and willing husband.  Below is a small sampling of my favorites from the day.  The first few include a new pair of brown Middle Englishand the last was taken with his own comfy and well worn black...

A Fresh Perspective

It's been a couple of months since I first talked with Erin about capturing some images of our shoes.  Up until now, most of the photos you see on our blog and website have been taken by family members or myself.  Tired of trying to do it all, we reached out to Erin, who is a professional phtographer and self professed Aurora Shoe lover. 

I've been waiting in quiet anticipation since then and was...

Photography by Erin Little , Ginny Sheller , Katherine Huysman .

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