Shoe Care and Repair

We get a lot of questions about how to best care for our shoes.  We do send a Care and Repair Guide with each pair we ship out, but we know that if you're like us, that piece of paper was recycled/lost/misplaced long ago.  For your easy reference, here's a link to our Care and Repair Guide.
And while we're at it, we should let you know that we've stopped recommending coconut oil as a leather...

ASC in Ecuador and a Shoe Shine Warning (With a Happy Ending)


I took the shoes I ordered a couple months ago (West Indian in Navy) with me on a month long backpacking trip to Ecuador. They did wonderfully: supporting me through hours of sightseeing. Despite my rheumatoid arthritis, I never had much joint trouble when I was wearing my Auroras: I'm now a customer for life! I took a photo of the shoes in Quito with your fun blog feature in mind: they're on...

Photography by Erin Little , Ginny Sheller , Katherine Huysman .

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